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Seminar in Social Psychology: Stereotyping & Prejudice
Seminar in Social Psychology: Diversity & Intergroup Relations


Social Psychology
Psychology of Emotions


I have mentored over 50 undergraduates in research assistantships at the University of Hawai‘i  at Manoa and York University. Moving beyond merely providing opportunities to gain research experience, I have also helped many students apply to graduate school (8 currently in graduate programs), research positions (e.g., PEW research), and jobs (e.g., healthcare field). Under my supervision, students have presented at local and national conferences, obtained grants to support their research and conference travel, and are currently collaborating with me to publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals (three currently under review/in revision).

I have also mentored graduate students on research design and lab management. As a more senior graduate student at the University of Hawai‘i, I coordinated a monthly brownbag series for graduate students in the Social Psychology area that addressed such issues as proposing and defending theses, presenting at conferences, and developing programs of research. I have also given guest lectures in graduate seminars on adopting open sciences practices, such as pre-registering studies. As a postdoctoral scholar at York University, I have mentored graduate students by providing feedback on conference presentations, by helping formulate and design research questions for theses/dissertations, and by offering professional development advice on various topics such as navigating grant applications and building collaborations.

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