Dr. Chanel Meyers
Lab Director


I am an assistant professor of psychology at Whitman College. I earned my Ph.D. from the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa in Social Psychology. Born and raised in Hawai‘i, I became interested in how racial diversity impacts how we deal with race. As a multiracial individual who has lived in Hawai‘i, Oregon, Toronto, and now Walla Walla, I am interested in how our identity interacts with our context. I teach the following courses: Social Psychology, Research Methods, Stereotyping/Prejudice, Diversity & Intergroup Relations.

Email: meyersck@whitman.edu

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Jenny Kim
Lab Manager

I am a senior psychology major at Whitman College. I have always been interested in the intersection of varying identities and how they manifest in our everyday interactions with others. Specifically, I aim to explore ways in which we can reduce prejudice and become more aware of our own biases. Some of my hobbies include drinking absurd amounts of coffee and playing any sort of competitive sport or game; this may or may not occur simultaneously. 

Abby Malzewski
Research Assistant

I am a rising junior psychology and film and media studies major at Whitman College. I am interested in researching within the field of social psychology with an emphasis on learning about how diversity and different identities impact daily interactions. I hope to conduct research that promotes inclusive thinking and becoming more aware of unconscious biases. Some of my hobbies outside of the lab include watching movies, going on runs, and drinking smoothies.

Brandon Martínez Serrano
Research Assistant

I am a sophomore from El Salvador pursuing a Psychology and Politics major at Whitman College. I am especially interested in how racial diversity influences the process of constructing ourselves, especially within the Latinx community in the US. I aim to conduct research that helps people to have a better understanding of the role that their racial identity plays, as well as research that promotes critical and inclusive thinking. Some of my hobbies include playing beach/indoor volleyball and listening to my collection of vinyls! 

Lhamo Sherpa Bhote
Research Assistant

I am a sophomore pursuing either a Psychology or Sociology major at Whitman College.  I am interested in learning how race and identity shape emotion perception in children. I am also interested in learning and developing research skills that will potentially help in my long-term goal of advocating for innocent lives; lives that have been forever changed due to displacement from war and climate change. Besides that, I like biking, taking pictures, writing, and exploring different ideas and concepts.

Phoebe Brock-Douglas
Research Assistant

My name is Phoebe and I’m a Junior at Whitman. I’m majoring in Psychology and minoring in Economics. I grew up in Berkeley, CA and was adopted from China. My unconventional identity has shaped my interest in how societal expectations impact assumptions and actions. I am eager to conduct research that helps to address and reevaluate our beliefs and biases and that emphasizes the need for education and communication amongst people from different backgrounds. In my free time, I love to ski, draw, and make paninis.

Devi Payne
Research Assistant

My name is Devi and I’m a Senior Psychology major. I am interested in User Experience Design, and am a co-founder of Whitman Design Alliance. Outside of the classroom, I can be found running or drinking coffee. Check out my design work at devipayne.com

Ali Rodriguez
Research Assistant

I’m a senior from Honduras majoring in Psychology. I have always been interested in the influence that parental racial perceptions have in their children and the forces that drive children to develop different racial views from those of their parents.  Some of my hobbies include dancing, painting, and gardening! 

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